Friday, November 25, 2005

Welcome to Deny My Freedom, the official blog of me, MadCasey. And by "Official Blog," I mean the only place on the internet where I don't blog. Check out the various blogs I frequent and help moderate:

Deny My Freedom - A politics and social commentary blog, centered on culture and progressive values. It's more exciting than most blogs, because of the original artwork, photo essays, and videos we put into it. The very most exciting part, of course, is the letters to the editor database, where readers can go through and see many passionate, personal, user-submitted letters to newspaper editors, shady corporations, prejudiced school districts, etc. It's an amazing inspirational resource, MadCasey is handsome to boot!

The Gore Portal - A progressive site frequented by people who would like to see a presidential bid in 2008 by Vice President Al Gore. Gore's forward-thinking attitude towards contemporary issues such as media reform, environmentalism, healthcare, social support, and, yes, even the "War on Terror," make him a breath of fresh air, not only when compared to Bush and his fellow marauders, but also many of the stuffy, timid "icons" of the contemporary Democratic party, too often concerned with playing politics and avoiding controversy rather than serving the people and affecting change. And besides, the way we see it is, if he won once, he can do it again!

Forbes Sucks - In October, Forbes magazine ran an article called "Attack of the Blogs" as a cover story (some stupid membership required to read), which detailed how blogs are hurting businesses by investigating them and criticising them. The story itself is laughable, a hatchet job itself, attacking blogs with little to no examples or hard numbers proving anything about blogs hurting business. Which is sad, because we bloggers would really have been proud. I guess we'll have to go to the blogosphere for real journalism in this case, too. ForbesSucks is a blog attacking Forbes, in hopes that, in some small way, we can make them angry.

As PATO, ForbesSucks founder writes: "[if only Forbes could post what they really want to say:] "Damn that First amendment, can't we go back to the days when you had to pay in order to have your say? And who are those little people nipping at my ankles??"

Daily Kos - More of a community than a blog. If you want to be a part of the progressive movement, and you dont read/participate in this blog, you're just being silly.


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